Conference Support Program

The Research Council supports various institutions to hold scientific conferences, seminars and workshops with the objective of linking Oman-based researchers with their peers locally and internationally, as well as informing the wider community about research activities and opportunities taking place in Oman. It also serves to expose local students to the importance of academic networks.

Objectives of the Conference Support Program

  • Promote the visibility of local researchers internationally
  • Provide an opportunity for local researchers to network with   peers locally and internationally
  • Exchange ideas and build up knowledge on new scientific methodologies
  • Help Omani research organizations and scientists based in Oman participating in and contributing to international scientific debates
  • Enable young Oman-based scientists to establish significant scientific contacts
  • Improve the interactions between researchers and the civil society

      Funded Events

        The Conferences and Workshops Support Program has been put on hold until further notice.
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