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Social Observatory Research Program

  • Introduction
     A social problem is an undesirable negative social phenomenon representing certain difficulties and obstacles that hinder the progress of the society. It stems from conditions that affect a large number of individuals and for which no remedy could be found individually but rather through a collective community action. Hence there has been a need for monitoring social phenomena within the society dynamics and analysing the same in an objective manner based on research and scientific analysis before such phenomena turn into incurable social problems.

     The National Research Strategy for the culture, social and basic sciences sector has highlighted the need for and the priority ought to be given to research that would monitor social changes. Therefore, approval has been granted to the development of the Social Observatory Research Program to fall under the umbrella of the Strategic Research Grants Programs.

  • Vision
     Continuous scientific monitoring of societal changes by means of scientific research

  • Mission
     The Social Observatory Research Program is endeavoring to become an active institution in the process of social development in the Sultanate, through:

  1. Creating data infrastructure, overseeing its sustainability, feeding it uninterruptedly with data, as well as linking it with the competent authorities.
  2. Monitoring social changes and shedding light on such changes in order to be studied as per a scientific methodology
  3. Supporting, financing and conducting scientific research in the social area; and making the findings thereof available for decision-makers in order to be optimized by them in combating the negative phenomena adversely affecting the society.
  4. Enriching social research in the Sultanate, through developing constructive bonds with universities, local and international research centers, and global observatories.
  5. Endeavoring to turn the program into a think tank through financing and conducting truthful and reliable research.

  • Program Scope
     The scope of the Social Observatory Research Program spanning into three areas, which are:

  1. Family Cohesion
  2. Youth Values
  3. Employment and Standard of Living
  • Program Themes

  • First Theme: Data Infrastructure
    It is a well-known fact that figures and data are the essence of any valid and reliable research. In the case of social observatories, the e-database is considered as the key source for such figures and data; it would help in the process of analysing and studying the different social phenomena that the societies usually encounter in the course of their development and growth. The Objectives of this theme are:

  1. Financing the Creation of Data Infrastructure to Monitor Social Changes.
  2. Identifying Social Indicators to Support Human, Social and Economic Development in the Sultanate

  • Second Theme: Research
   Due to the role that scientific research plays in the advancement of nations and welfare of people, and out of the keenness of TRC to take the research to new heights, and in acknowledgement of the role played by scientific analysis in devising resolutions to the social issues and phenomena troubling the societies, hence, the Research Theme is seeking to steer research towards studying social problems and phenomena that take priority over others in society, and help drafting enlightened social policies, and increasing the local research capacity in the areas of social sciences. The Objectives of this theme are:

  1. Steering Research towards the Resolution of Social Problems in the Society
  2. Contributing to the Increase in Research Capacity in the Areas of Social Sciences
  3. Building Constructive Relationships with Universities, Research Centres and Relevant Observatories.
  4. Dissemination and Assessing the Implementation of the Findings of the Research under the Program.

  • Third Theme: Dissemination:
   It goes without saying that the aim of scientific research is to come up with solutions to the problems, so as to contain them and mitigate their adverse impacts on society. As we should not forget that a small-scale social problem may transform into a public issue if not analysed and addressed expeditiously. Hence, this theme is introduced to deliver the scientific analysis of the social problem to the competent authorities, as well as pressing them to take speedy and effective action to contain the problem and solve it. This theme has one objective which is:

  1. Disseminating the Findings and Recommendations of the Research under the Program

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