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Adapting towards Sustainable Development Research Program
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A national program that aims at addressing development in a holistic manner which integrates the main pillars of sustainability; economic development, social development and environmental protection, in a balanced manner, while taking into account the cultural dimension.

It aims at providing Policy Options and practical Policy Recommendations that can assist key economic sectors in the Sultanate to move along more sustainable trajectories.

These are based on the long term development plan of the Sultanate; Vision 2020








Sustainable Development definition

The most common definition of sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Our Common Future/the Brundtland Report 1987).


Program Mission:  “Contribute to charting the way forward for the Sultanate towards a sustainable future, through strategic and practical action and concrete policy recommendations through a multi stakeholder approach”

Program approach

·         Linking descriptive, analytical and normative aspects, to provide a road map for setting priorities and guidance for advancement towards sustainability;

·         An integrated approach to Sustainable Development and all its basic pillars;

·         Establishing collaboration, synergy and learning between national and  international experts;

·         Identifying costs arising out of current trends and demonstrating how turning them around could lead to opportunities for economic development, social development and environmental protection;

·         Engaging key stakeholders to establish a shared vision of the future;

·         Communicating a vision of sustainable development, which will be translated into strategic actions to identify future research priorities at national level.

Target Users

Sustainable Development is a community effort which requires the collaboration of all segments of society. The Program seeks to provide policy options and practical solutions to decision-makers, by engaging stakeholders from government, the private sector, civil society and the community, including women and youth, who represent both actors and beneficiaries of the program.


Main Themes of the Program

The Adapting towards Sustainable Development Strategy has identified broad key themes for potential research. These include:


o   Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development

o   Human Resources Development

o   Education for Sustainable Development

o   Sustainable  Mountain Development

o   Sustainable Water Resource and Coastal Management

o   Sustainable Waste Management

o   Culture and Heritage

o   Sustainable Mountain development

o   Sustainable Urban Planning

o   Sustainable Transportation

o   Health Sector: Options for Funding

o   Social norms and values

o   Eco Tourism

o   Oil industry.

Research Projects

  •   Entrepreneurial Education for Sustainable Development: The Role of Higher Education Institutions
  •   The Role of SMES & Agricultural Co-operatives for Food Security & Rural Development
  •   Creating Value from Waste: A Sustainable Development Approach
  •   Sustainable Employment Creation in the Private Sector: Challenges & Opportunities
  •   Over-grazing in the Dhofar Mountain Region: A Major Sustainability Challenge: A Focus on Stakeholders’ Perceptions
  •   A National Public Awareness Strategy for Sustainable Development

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