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Innovation Programs

TRC is committed to the advancement of both research and innovation and recognizes the interlinked relationship between the two as well as the fundamental and transformational role these play in the advancement of our economic, social and environmental growth and development.

With this in mind, TRC works on setting strategic plans that contribute to building and spreading the culture of research and innovation in the Omani community. The primary aim is the empowerment of the knowledge society to effectively contribute to the development of the knowledge-based economy. Various segments of the community are targeted, including the educational sector from the public to higher education, the industrial sector, and society as a whole with civil society organizations and the private sector. This is set in a methodological and planned approach in alignment with the latest scientific methods in Innovation. The Sultanate of Oman is as a result competitively positioned regionally and internationally with the triad partnership between the academic, industrial and government sectors.

TRC has also set the framework for the Innovation Hub project to establish an environment that promotes an innovative society. This is achieved by providing the required financial and human resources in building local capabilities in various fields while liaising with the public and private sectors. The established programs  serve many segments in the country, starting from the school and university society, to the industrial market, the local community, and the profit and non-profit institutions.

The financial scope of the project is in the range of R.O 6.9 million in order to activate four main Programs in support of innovation. These four cover the scope of academic innovation, community innovation, marketing of intellectual thought, and supporting networking amongst the innovative society locally and internationally. The Innovation Hub initiative leads the vision of TRC to position the Sultanate of Oman as a hub of new ideas, skills and excellence in research.
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