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Research Centers Program

The Research Centers program is founded by the Research council to achieve research excellence in areas of national importance; building research links between several sectors and expanding the research capacity. This program aims at setting up administratively independent research centers to conduct research in various strategic areas.

Program objectives

  • Support research projects through long-term contracts to simplify procedures and facilitate the continuity of work in these centers.
  • Support the formation of specialized high level research teams associated with the center.
  • Provide funding sources and financial to attract outstanding researchers and support investment in establishing state-of-the-art research facilities.

In implementation of the gracious directives of His Majesty the Sultan, the Council was entrusted with the task of establishing a Center for Biological Diversity of animal and plant genetic resources.The project was referred to the TRC through the Council of Ministers. The Council is working on developing an integrated strategy to define the Centre's objectives and future courses of action to ensure achieving the goals assigned to it.

Animal and Plant Genetic Resource Center

Following His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s order to review opportunities in establishing a center for animal and plant genetic resources a steering committee with members from the concerned authorities chaired by The Research Council, was formed with the objective to conduct the necessary studies on the establishment of the center. These efforts have resulted in the preparation of a draft strategy for the proposed center in collaboration with the concerned authorities and international experts.
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