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Overall schedule and stages of the Eco-friendly House competition

  • Announce the Eco-Friendly House Competition and Release RFP.
  • Stage I: Proposal and Team Formation Phase
  • Selection and Announcement of the 10 Stage I Teams .
  • Stage II: Conceptual Design and Design Development .
  • Announcement of the three Stage II Teams (houses to be constructed) .
  • Stage III: Detailed Design and Construction Documentation.
  • Stage IV: Construction.
  • Testing/Commissioning.
  • Final Competition Evaluation.


Eco-friendly House Competition Rules

TRC Eco-friendly house competition is governed by rules. For more information, see the following documents, which are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Questions about the rules may be directed to


Eco-friendly House Competition Contents

The Eco-friendly House Competition consists of 9 contests. These contests are designed to gauge how well the houses perform and how livable they are. Each contest is worth a maximum of 100 points, for a competition total of 900 points.
Contests based on task completion or monitored performance are called measured contests; contests based on jury evaluation are call juried contests.

Learn more about the 9 Eco-friendly House competition contests:

  • Conceptual Design and Development (juried)
  • Architecture contest (juried)
  • Engineering contest (juried)
  • Communications contest (juried)
  • Sustainability Contest (Juried)
  • Comfort Zone (Measured)
  • Hot Water contest (measured)
  • Home Office and Appliances contest (measured and juried)
  • Energy Balance contest (measured).


Final best 3 teams will be awarded .
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