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Road Safety Research Program


Road Traffic Accidents are a growing critical issue in need of sustainable solutions. The impact of road traffic accidents in many societies, and in emerging economies in particular, is likely to outstrip other threats such as communicable diseases and malnutrition. It is certainly one of the main challenges facing community development in the Sultanate with its social, economic, health and environmental impact. This has led many organizations to look into this issue, with TRC approaching it from a research-based perspective with its various social, health, and scientific perspectives.

TRC has therefore positioned this research as part of its Strategic Research Grant Programs to present research recommendations on projects and initiatives that serves strategic needs with mid to large research grants. TRC has allocated R.O 1 million in support of the Road Safety Program research, bestowed yearly.

Research Themes

The Road Safety Research Program is unique in its approach offering competitive research grants to promote innovative research projects in various areas that have a direct bearing on mitigating the current situation caused by road traffic accidents in the Sultanate and contributing to road safety knowledge. The program and research themes have been carefully designed in a scientific approach with the input of relevant stakeholders.

Crash analysis

  • Development of a scientific approach for road accident data collection leading to objective analysis to achieve more effective road safety measures
  • In-depth analysis of the causes of traffic crashes and traffic fatalities
  • Mapping road traffic accidents across the country to quantify their pattern
  • Road characteristics and traffic operation issues related to traffic incidents
  • Prediction models for the likelihood of RTA on specific road sections.

Legal and Compliance Issues

  • The impact of driving rules and regulations on reducing the number of road traffic accidents
  • The effectiveness of law enforcement in reducing road traffic accidents and their consequences
  • The relationship between the insurance company’s conditions and the number of road traffic accidents

Behavior and Social Issues

  • Assessment of drivers’ skills, knowledge, and behavior
  • Social and cultural behavioral factors leading to unsafe road usage
  • Social impact of traffic incidents and the role of the family
  • Effectiveness of awareness programs

Trauma Care Services

  • Handling injuries and transportation
  • Rescue speeds
  • Effectiveness of available medical services
  • Impact on morbidity and mortality

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