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Academic Innovation Assistance Project

The program is aimed at instilling the concepts of innovation and commercialization research outcomes locally and regionally to find leading innovative solutions in the public and private sectors through research methodologies. This gains eminence by empowering the link between the academic and industrial sector to meet development needs and effectively face present challenges. The program also focuses on developing applied skills of higher education students and enhancing their capabilities to gain direct expertise in establishing SMEs or effectively contributing to their growth. The academic role additionally contributes in communicating understandings of the national knowledge-based economy as one of the main national pillars in research and innovation.

Program Objectives

  • Develop trained academicians who understand and serve market needs
  • Empower students with the skills to set up, grow and promote small and medium sized businesses
  • Guide research scholarships towards critical and strategic national issues
  • Examine leading academic institutes to collect data and draw evidence-based academic policies
  • Enhance the role of academic institutions towards national problems with leading intellectual means in alignment with private institutions
  • Facilitate further funding opportunities by connecting academic projects with the ambitions of industrial, commercial and investment entities
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