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Education Innovation Assistance Program

The Educational Innovation Support Programs have been set to develop innovative education in the public education sector and to enhance the research skills of students within the national innovation system. The program also aims to train teachers and supervisors along with the provision of well-equipped clubs to encourage and nurture innovation and innovative thinking in a transformational journey that would empower the standards of Omani educators and students across the region.

A major benefit expected from the program is equipping students with research and innovation skills that enable them in the medium and long term, to make real contributions to education, industry, and commerce in particular, and the job market in general. A further result of this will be the reduction of training costs, at the national level, as students enter the job market better prepared with skills that meet its needs.

Program Objectives

  • Empower innovation and research skills in training programs for students and educators
  • Nurture leading students with intellectual capabilities to effectively contribute in the private and public sector
  • Support the improvement of the educational administration in schools and scientific clubs
  • Embed the culture of innovation and research in primary schools
  • Facilitate the training of supervisors overlooking the Innovation activities with evaluation and support of student talents
  • Support and guide educational policies focusing on innovation and research skills within the educational institute
  • Provide specialized incubator environments at schools to nurture innovation
  • Organize applied workshops to provide training in management of Innovation projects in various fields
  • Provide a suitable environment and place that nurtures implementation of projects able to be marketed and commercialized
  • Enable an environment that hosts scientific and literary competitions between schools

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