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TRC organizes three-day training workshop on Technology and Innovation Support Center



The Research Council (TRC) in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organized a three-day training workshop on Innovation Support through Access to Technological Knowledge presented by experts of the Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) at City Seasons Hotel from May 5 –7.

The workshop aimed at introducing around 30 participants specialized in sciences, technology and innovation policies and knowledge transfer to the experiences of the other countries in the fields of innovation, intellectual property and technology transfer.

Over the three days, the workshop cover different topics that include

developing Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) in Oman: Vision

and Steps, promotion of Innovation: The Usefulness of Patent Information for

Research and Enterprise, WIPO’s Project on the Establishment of Technology and

Innovation Support Centers (TISCs), Search Tools and Strategies, Patent

Classification Tools, Searching Patent Databases: Comparison between,

Patentscope and Espacenet, Different Types of Patent Search, Key Concepts in

Technology Search, State of the Art Search: Considerations, State of the Art

Search: Considerations, Patentability/Novelty Search: Considerations, Overview of

WIPO’s TISC Resources:  Web Site, Guides, Brochures, Publications, E-TISC

Platform, E-Tutorial, WIPO Academy Distance Learning Courses, Patent Landscape

Reports, TISC Project Implement action and Project Document.

Delivering the opening of the workshop, Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Mahruki,

Director of Innovation Department at TRC, said, “We signed the agreement on

establishing the Technology and Innovation Support Center two years ago and we

started to activate the centre through holding a workshop almost one year and a

half from now. The agreement allows the Sultanate to benefit from one of WIPO’s

courses annually and to benefit from the courses that are held at other countries

directly or indirectly.”

“Experts of WIPO will focus on the nature of the model that we plan to adopt at

the Technology and  Innovation Support Center that is currently being established

at The Research Council which will focus on individual innovations and guiding

individuals with regard to intellectual property,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of WIPO, Mussadiq Hussain, Program Officer at the Innovation and Technology Support Section of WIPO, said, “We are

here now for the second time for this kind of training a step forward to what we

did in early 2013.”

“The Research Council and the World Intellectual Property Organization have signed an agreement in the establishment of the Technology and Innovation Support Center so the project has already been launched in Oman and some work has already been done,” he added.

“So the idea behind is basically to develop a Technology and Innovation Support Center where assistance can be provided to walk-in users not only the staff of TRC but also the user community in Oman who can come there and find out and learn how to make their searches in the patent field,” he said.

According to Dr. Abdullah Al Mahruki, the workshop practically focuses on how to carry out the initial research and discovering the situation of patents and intellectual property and therefore. May 6 will be one-day practical training for participants on these areas while May 7 has been allocated for a closed meeting that will involve TRC, WIPO and TISC experts for framing the structure of TISC at TRC through the Innovation Hub which will host this centre (TISC). The meeting will also discuss the implementation methodology to TISC via a practical model prototype that will suit the requirements of TRC and the needs of the Sultanate.

“Once completed, the centre would is the first of its kind to be established in Oman. We are at the process of activating it with the hope of spreading more centres at each institution or company as per as the need of that institution or company,” Dr. Abdullah said.

“The first workshop was only for introducing TISC while we are currently in the implementation process of the centre,” he added.


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