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Fund Plus


Fund Plus is a modular framework which manages grant life cycles. It does not replace, or do the work, of a financial system but addresses a variety of management issues such as record keeping, compliance, organizing, checking, communicating and interfaces with a financial system.

Life Cycle of a Grant :

As a general rule, this life cycle is managed and reported on in two structures:

  • Funding motivation
  • Financial cost centres

From a funding point of view, reporting is structured according to donor funding and funding programs.

From a financial point of view, good practice and governance requires accounting by cost centre and beneficiary (creditor/debtor).


This system facilitates the payment process for researchers in different institutions. It aims at managing the grant life cycles. It addresses all the management issues such as record keeping, compliance, organizing, checking and communicating.


  • Management and control
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Conformity
  • Management information at detailed level
  • Flexibility

Grant Life Cycle

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