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Science & Technology Indicators

The Science & Technology (S&T) Database records domestic scientific and technological progress. It includes details of research personnel and research expenditure.


  • Support the national and institutional requirements of planning for science and technologyز
  • Develop and submit the national S&T report to authorized national and international organizations.
  • Monitor, track and record the institutional and national progress and advancement in the S & T
  • Benchmark the local performance and progress in S&T regionally and internationallyز

Statistical Data for Science & Technology

  • The statistical data for S&T-indicators are processed and aggregated from the data entered at the research directory.
  • The personal research profile at the directory is entered by the individual researcher.
  • Accumulation of individual profiles builds the institutional profile.
  • Focal points at institutes complete the institutional research profile.
  • Accumulation of all institutions profiles build the national S&T profile.


The Science and Technology Indicators is a statistical system displaying the expenditure on research, number of researchers and their specialization.

The Indicator is mainly based from the Research Directory and from the profile of the affiliated institutions. Institutions that are not electronically linked to TRC are contacted individually to provide the needed information.
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